Monday, July 16, 2012

Reaching Out For A Little Help

Hi Everyone!

I know I havent gone in to full detail about my situation but the link I am posting at the end of this post will explain a little bit more of why I am asking for help, if anyone can please take a look and spread the word I would greatly appreciate it I am trying to raise money to save my dad's house. Just word of mouth would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone! Check it out please!

Times Like These...

Patch of Dad's old shirt sewn into your wedding dress for your Something Blue. It will also be a way to have my dad with me :)- Will defiantly have to do for my dad, Rest In Peace Daddy♥ Times like these are when it hit me hard and I miss you the most, I know you are not going to be here for a lot that is going to happen in my life and I have a hard time accepting that.. Love you Dad!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Where Do I even begin?

Well I think that it is safe to say this is my first time being able to voice myself. I am here not only to reach out but also to help others that are in the same position that I am in or something similar. Almost a year ago I lost my father, and it honestly was the hardest thing I have ever been through, with our bond being as special and as close as it was, and then just one day for it to be torn away like nothing, [it] was a tragedy. This past year has not been easy, from losing my father to my family falling apart and just the stress everyday life brings you from having to try and run everything that was left behind, being 20 years old I never had much responsibility or bills for that matter, but nowadays it feels that every month that goes by news bills keep adding on and it is something that I can not adjust to. And to top it off I am a full time student and anyone that goes to school knows what type of stress that can bring, and trying to keep it all together so you can make it to class everyday goes hand in hand with " no one said it was going to be easy" but I know that giving up isn't an option and I know that what I do now will benefit me in my future. If you cant see it by now I have a hard time expressing my feelings or communicating, it is something that I need to change fast, it is very unhealthy for my well being but is also takes a toll on my relationship with my partner, but do I do it on purpose? No of course I don't, it's just what I am use to. I have lost myself throughout this past year and I am on the way of trying to find myself and I feel that writing will help break down a few walls that I have, I also want to help people who are going through the things I am going through, because I know when I needed someone not that many people where there for me. I know what I want in life, I have a big heart and a wild imagination, and I love to laugh. I know it is going to be a journey to get where I want to be and I have to still overcome a lot of obstacles but I am determined to make my father proud and others as well. I want to thank you all as well, for being my first readers to my first new blog! There will be more to follow!